If there’s ever been a movie that appeals more to the cretins in society than Boondock Saints, I’m not sure what it is.This is a movie that is easily used as a tool to judge people you just met, and should be used unsparingly to cut the chaff from the wheat of your life. And of course these remedial types have been salivating for a sequel for years, spurred on by Boondock director Troy Duffy, an odious person if ever one lived.

Now Duffy is claiming that the movie is going to start shooting in a couple of weeks, giving a Washington DC radio station a rambling description of the film’s plot:

“You kind of wonder what has happened to the brothers… They have been
living way back in the valleys of Ireland with their father on a family
run sheep farm, way beyond the reach of technology or men. Way out
there. It’s been sort of a bucolic existence, hard working
pioneer-esque type stuff. They have long hair and beards, and stuff
like that. You get the sense that they’ve been hibernating to come
back. And there is an event that transpires in Boston. A priest
murdered in a church and the body is rigged to make it look like the
Saints did it. The one guy that the brothers and father have contact
with is Il Duce’s brother. So he gets the first notion of this, puts
his jeep in gear and tells the brothers what happened. And without even
thinking of it the boys are up and out of there … they cut their hair,
digg up their rosaries, strap on their guns, and they’re gone! And Dad
has to stay back because something is wrong with him, and you can tell
he doesn’t have much time left. So when the brothers smuggle themselves
back to the US, back to Boston, in a very understandable way. And one
of the guys they meet along the way is a Hispanic American named Romeo.
And Romeo ends up becoming like the third brother or saint, fourth I
guess if you’re gonna consider Billy. He’s a lot more of a bad ass than
Rocco was. But his comedy is that he wants to be a lot more a blah blah blah blah blah….”

Go to Slashfilm to read the whole thing, which I couldn’t manage to do.

The good news here is for people who like terrible films and untalented filmmakers who want to break into the business based only on their own rotten personalities: there’s still hope!