It’s never a bad time to bask in the comedy genius that is Wet Hot American Summer, but tonight was an exceptionally nice time to do so, as Diablo Cody presented the movie at LA’s New Beverly theater with writer and director David Wain in attendance for an occasionally strange Q&A. During the Q&A someone asked whether the movie’s excellent selection of 80s songs would ever get collected into a soundtrack, and the answer to that was pretty interesting.

First up, Wain revealed that there’s going to be some kind of anniversary DVD release of the movie in the next couple of years (I have to imagine that we’re talking tenth anniversary in 2011?), and that this release would contain more footage and might come packaged with the soundtrack. But he also revealed that he’s been toying with doing a prequel to the movie.

The prequel would be set earlier in that same summer, and part of the joke would be that the cast who was ten years too old to be playing their parts would now be playing younger versions of those same roles, but this time be twenty years too old. I didn’t know if Wain was kidding, but he seemed pretty serious, and mentioned that he had just worked with a bunch of Wet Hot alums – including Paul Rudd and Elizabeth Banks – on his new movie, tentatively titled Role Models. My impression was that the prequel might be shot just for the DVD, but it’s fun to imagine going back to theaters and seeing Coop and Beth and McKinley and Gene and all the rest of the campers and counselors from Camp Firewood.