The new issue of Entertainment Weekly includes the first picture of Jason Voorhees from the new Friday the 13th, but it’s a shot of him from a distance. Knowing that this is not enough for the fans, Ryan Rotten from Shock Til You Drop got his hands on a hi res version of the image and blew it up so that you could actually get a look at the famous hockey mask in its latest iteration.

As you can see from the picture… this looks like Jason! When I visited the set I told you how impressed I was with this version of Jason, and hopefully you’re digging on it as well. I have a good feeling about this movie, and I’m excited for what else might be shown at Comic Con this year.

Interesting fact: the scene from which this still is taken was shot two ways, with two different kills. I won’t give either away, but I’m very interested to see what version they went with. Both are very cool, with one being quite unique and the other being iconically Friday the 13th. It’s stuff like that which makes me more psyched about this movie than I otherwise might be.