The release of the new X-Files movie is somehow only a week away, and we still don’t have a solid clue about the plot of the thing. The trailer and television spots have been purposefully vague, featuring more shots of Billy Connolly feeling up snow than shots of Mulder and Scully chasing down their latest nightmare. As Devin brought up in an article last week (click here), we’re used to trailers spilling out every story detail and unveiling a lion’s/loin’s share of the big set pieces. It seems the makers of the new Mulder and Scully adventure WANT TO BELIEVE your curiosity is going to drag you to the theater next Friday. A pretty romantic notion, if you ask me. But I love the way they are marketing this movie, honestly.

Speaking of romance, Frank Spotnitz (who co-wrote the new movie with show creator Chris Carter) recently gave up this minor detail about the movie to TV Guide: “The emotional story of Mulder and Scully is really the heart of the movie… it’s about their love story.” He then added, “And about Billy Connolly feeling up snow.” It’s nice to hear that the movie will focus on the relationship between the (estranged?) partners with benefits. Say what you will about the earthy and otherworldly creepers on that show – the connection between those two was a pretty good reason to tune in every week.

Anyway, there is a new UK poster available over at Empire Online for you to drape your peepers lovingly across. Click here to see the new art. Kind of looks like Anderson and Duchovny have been bodysnatched by a rotoscoping demon. It’s certainly a subtle poster. And kind of a looker, really. A white light, source unknown (Alien? Spiritual? High beams?), washes over the two agents as they stare at…something. This same light makes a brief appearance in the trailer, so the poster is tied into the plot a little. Man are they keeping things close to the alien-autopsied chest for this one. 

For those of you getting excited for the film, you can always head on over to David Duchovny’s X-Files blog (here). He’s periodically answering fan questions on it. In his latest no caps post, he lists his favorite X-Files episodes and reveals that Mulder is probably a Steely Dan fan. Funny, I always pegged him as more of a Hüsker Dü guy for some reason.