Ever since George A. Romero completed his last magnum opus, Diary of the Dead, Romero’s been very vocal on how pleased he was with not only the final product but the actual production of film itself. For the first time since Night of the Living Dead, Romero had the most amount of creative control afforded to him, and it did nothing but reinvigorate his zest for filmmaking. Furthermore, with the shoot taking place in Toronto and Romero having such a good experience with the local crews, Romero went as far to defect from his native Pittsburgh and set up residence north of the border with the intent of shooting more productions in our home and native land.

Oh Canada!

Anyway, it seems Romero is getting ready to do another film with us Canucks, but more importantly it appears it may be a direct sequel to Diary of the Dead, this one entitled, not surprisingly, Diary of the Dead 2!

“News rumbling began after Romero, who was scheduled to appear at this weekend’s Motor City Nightmares show in Novi, Michigan, had to cancel his appearance, citing “work related issues” as the reason for his absence.

“A couple of phone calls later, Dread Central learned that George has to attend several meetings about Diary 2 which have the project significantly hitting the fast track. So significantly that we got the word it’s 99.9% a go for the film to start production this September.”

If you were planning to see Romero at Motor City Nightmares it kind of sucks you won’t be able to see the master in person, but on the bright side, it’s pretty damned awesome Romero seems to be forging ahead with another zombie masterpiece.

With a projected September start, I’m hoping we see this next zombie chapter by early summer of next year at the latest.