After a tease on his Facebook page, actor Doug Jones has announced that he’s been cast as the iconic Count Orlok in an upcoming indie remake of Nosferatu! You may know Doug Jones as Guillermo del Toro’s Faun, The Pale Man, Abe Sapien, or the countless other monster roles he’s played.

Take a look at these beautiful make-up tests designed by Spectral Motion’s Mike Elizalde.¬†Give ’em a click to see ’em larger!




The independent project will be directed by David Lee Fisher, who remade The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari¬†(also with Doug Jones) back in 2005. Fisher refers to his projects as “visual remixes”, which I’m sure will make some of you scoff. His Caligari remake was very visually striking, and featured actors composited onto backgrounds from the original film. I promise it looks a lot better than it sounds. If you’re interested in following the Nosferatu “remix”, you can visit their Facebook page here.