There it is, for the time being – the teaser for Terminator: Salvation. It’s fast, it’s sorta hard to decipher (and that’s coming from someone who has been on many of the sets shown, seen footage and knows the entire plot of the movie!), but it has that music. Oh, that music.

I’m surprised that the teaser is so short on imagery – they have a lot of great physical action scenes in the can that could be shown. Still, this is an appetite whetter indeed, and I’m excited to see what goodies they bring to Comic Con next week.

By the way, for those wondering about this site’s policy when it comes to leaked trailers – it’s complicated these days. We don’t support pirating material, but many of these leaks aren’t really leaks. They’re put out there by the studios. We’ve run links to ‘leaked’ trailers in the past at the specific request of movie producers and publicists. At this point I don’t even know when a leak is really a leak or not (and the fake leaks have been ‘pulled’ by the studios as well, so that’s no way to tell). My experience has been that studios fake leak things to YouTube, though, so I  think our policy will be if it’s on YouTube, it’s okay for us to run.