I saw Pineapple Express again last night* and man, it’s fucking good. Just so good. It was the same cut I saw last year – almost no alterations that I could notice, except the excision of one character’s offspring – and it’s really feeling like a classic. David Gordon Green, Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg and James Franco should be really proud, and people will finally understand why I’ve been championing Danny McBride so hard the last 12 months.

The movie is out on August 8th, which means the ad campaign is ramping up. While it seems that Seth Rogen’s name is being spelled wrong on the web ads (seriously, that shit is embarrassing), the TV spots appear to be doing their job well. I like how the spot below sells the action elements; I’m still struck by how this is a real buddy action movie, not a parody of one. I also like how the ad digitally darkens the red Slushie on the cop car window to make it not look like blood – it’s red in the original trailer and when I talked to Seth Rogen on the set of Observe & Report he laughed about how no one had realized that audiences would assume that was a heavy gore shot.

Movieweb has three TV spots; here’s one:

* at a word of mouth screening, which was filled with 17-25 year old white male dipshits. They close off some rows at these screenings for the press and every single non-press person who walked in got all indignant about the closed off rows. As if seeing a movie three weeks early and free was a big hassle for them, so the least Sony could do was let them into the best seats. Some girl left the theater in a huff (“What a waste of my time!”) rather than sit in the front section of the theater.