(Note: now that Quentin Tarantino seems to have actually settled on his next project and has begun seriously making it happy, Tarantinowatch has gone on vacation)

Quentin Tarantino’s putting together a team for a special mission. As was widely reported, he went to France this week to woo new dad Brad Pitt to play the role of Aldo Raines in his latest film, Inglorious Bastards (although I guess that should be Basterds?). Now Variety says that he’s chasing after none other than Leonardo DiCaprio to play another Hebrew hellraiser in the film.

As you probably know, since every motherfucker on the internet has had a copy of the script emailed to them*, the titular Basta(e)rds are a group of Jewish soldiers sent in to enemy territory to fuck up a movie screening. It’s both typical Tarantino and something a little more – I think this could be his next Jackie Brown, if done right.

And he’s definitely trying to do it mainstream. Pitt and DiCaprio? On the one hand that’s big budget hopes for a movie that doesn’t have a studio yet (despite what some broad on YouTube who gets embedded on another site because she’s sort of attractive will tell you), but then again, Pitt and Leo are both guys who might well take a cut in their quotes to do something cool like this. Meanwhile every Jewish actor in Hollywood is wondering how these goys are getting the offers.

*I honestly think this is a big problem, and is kind of depressing.