The lady who introduced ‘Honest to Blog’ to the lexicon is continuing her swath of dealmaking destruction through the Town That Divoff Built with none other than Steven “I got to make love to Amy Irving” Spielberg as her running mate.

Juno‘s Oscar-winning screenwriter, Diablo Cody.

She of Jennifer’s Body and Entertainment Weekly infamy. She of Suicide Girl looks and a colorful and intriguing backstory. Cute, talented, and in possession of more ink than Dick Blick’s she’s been a busy bee, making deals and staying relevant as Hollywood tries to understand her before attempting to squash her once she proves resistant to its evil whims.

The untitled project with no current title is the second pairing of the zeitgeist channeling exotic dancer and the Poltergeist creatin’ Capshaw romancer, fresh on the heels of their collaboration on the Toni Collette-starred Dreamworks television show The United States of Tara.

I wish I could tell you more but lately there’s been a lot of announcements of projects with no plot* to be shared, some of them untitled as well. Gives us a lot to go on.

Either way, Steven Spielberg’s not a bad partner to have when you’re a bright and promising screenwriter. Her untitled project with no script is coming out at some date in the future to be starring some unknown performer. It will bear the Dreamworks logo. We know THAT.

*Trivia: Last week a project called The Colony was announced without a plotline, only hinting that it invloved eco-horror. This is maddening because for the last year author Steve Alten and I have been working on an eco-horror script called The Colony.