Tomorrowland appears to be the story of a gum chewing, baseball cap sporting reprobate and her magical pin. I’m so sick of seeing that story told over and over again.

In all seriousness, the big standout for the trailer is the flashing back and forth between the cruddy, violence infested shitshow of a planet we call “Erff” and the fruited planes of Tomorrowland. It’s an effect that is, literally, one of the oldest in film (though I imagine it’s been overly complicated through the use of computers). Looks good though.

Narrating it all is George Clooney’s former boy genius, asking if we’d like to go to a place where everything is great and anything is possible. No thanks, George. I want to live on the plane of existence with a 24 hour news cycle that broadcasts 23 hours of things burning and one hour of Nancy Grace talking about murders she heard about. The place where anything is possible has too many jet-pack related traffic accidents.

Brad Bird and his team appear to have made a handsome film with their hundreds of millions of dollars. That was never going to be the issue. Writer Damon Lindeloff has already botched one story about a magical place where anything is possible. I can’t say I trust him with another. We shall see.