This article title might be a squeaker, but just go ahead and rub a little oil into it. Iron Man, however, doesn’t need even a squirt of the stuff. The rustproof movie brought in some serious coin at the old box office – which is why we have a sequel zinging and zooming its way towards the fastly approaching summer of 2010. Let’s just hope we are treated to a beautiful collision.


As Devin reported last week (click here), Marvel finally put our fears to bed and is (almost certainly) bringing swinger Jon Favreau back to direct part two. As you probably remember, there was a little consternation after Favs kinda of freaked about that speeding train of a release date. Luckily, it seems (cough) that everything has been (ahem) ironed out. In any case, Variety reports that the project has found its scribe in actor/writer/great first name-haver Justin Theroux. Theroux is best known, in my household at least, as Alyssa Milano’s duplicitous co-star in Below Utopia. But the actor has been picking up steam, on both sides of the camera, since his turn in David Lynch’s great Mulholland Dr..


Speaking of picking up steam, that’s one of the rumored new powers Theroux will be bestowing upon Iron Man in the sequel! 

It’ll be interesting to see how heavily Theroux and Favreau will push Stark’s alcoholism in the follow-up, or if Marvel even let’s him go there. The joy of watching Downey play the wisecracking playboy is pretty much why the movie’s a hit. Don’t know if they want to muck that up by sending Stark to detox. Perhaps a Dean Martin-level drunkenness would be a middle ground. We’ll see.

Theroux co-wrote the upcoming Tropic Thunder, which stars Downey Jr. – so RDJ has worked with the scribe’s words before. Look how buddy-buddy they already are in that picture. Someone please sound the Adorable alert!