I love Hellboy. I wanted to do a comic about him, but even if I wanted to make fun of him, which I don’t, I couldn’t, as he’s just to cool. I was toying around with a comic where I explain that the first time I saw Mignola’s art (in X-Force of all places), I thought it was crap and I bemoaned the fact Liefield had taken the month off. I’m such an idiot. This was obviously years ago mind you, but still, you would have thought I would’ve known better. Ah well, with age has come wisdom, and Hellboy is one of the few comics I will still read based on title alone. As long as Mignola’s the writer of course. I don’t even mind the new artist, who’s really quite fantastic in his own right. Anyway, Hellboy would totally beat up both the X-men and Iron Man and maybe even Lobo in a fight. So there. </fanboy>

Ahh, the AARCHIVE!… Still coming along. It should be done just in time for the 100-weeks-in-the-waiting Rated AARGH! #100. Until then, check out all the old ones here.