RE-UPDATE: The theatrical trailer is now up at Yahoo! and I am officially stoked for this movie. We’re seeing things here that are visually way beyond Sin City or 300 – this is Speed Racer-level post-stylization.

UPDATE: Too late. It’s gone. You probably would have hated it anway.

Film School Rejects has what seems to be the first full trailer for Frank Miller’s adaptation of Will Eisner’s The Spirit, and it’s filling a lot of people with a sense of WTF-ness. Is it the hyper-stylized aesthetics? The overt sexuality? The Sin City-ness if it all? Has anyone out there ever read a Frank Miller comic book? He wrote one called Sin City. I’m not intimately familiar with Will Eisner’s original Spirit comics, but for some reason I seem to recall them possessing a fairly mature tone.

Me? I fucking dig it. I’m jazzed. It looks like a Miller comic without the baggage of being based on a Miller comic.