Now everyone knows that the problem with these Dark Souls games is that they’re just too bloody easy. Any monkey can waltz through the things with their hands tied behind their back. If only you could play it with something a bit more inappropriate than those boring, normal thumbstick and trigger pad things so I could make it, like, really REALLY hard for once! – Quote from nobody ever.

 At least, we thought so. Silly us for thinking that the two Dark Souls games were challenging enough, there always has to be someone who one-ups everyone else. Some do speedruns. Some do single-life completion runs. Some, like Benjamin ‘gbbearzly’ Gwin, do fretboard runs.

No, we’re serious. Sort of. You see, gbbearzly’s ‘thing’ is playing Dark Souls using a Rock Band controller. This is something that is technically feasible – after all, the buttons on a Guitar Hero/Rock Band guitar directly map to the buttons of a pad, in this case that of the Xbox 360 – but is in practical terms the fevered domain of the crazed, deranged and generally bementaled.


And what’s more, he’s actually managed to beat both games with this thing. Watch this video, and consider whether this dude should be lauded or slightly feared. I still haven’t quite figured it out.

Seriously though, well done gbbearzly. You monster.