Oh, I got you so good.

See, that title up there refers to the original Inglorious Bastards (aka Deadly Mission and G.I. Bro) starring Bo Svenson and Fred Williamson, not the Tarantino version with the misspelled title whose script you’ve probably already read.

On July 29th Severn Films will release the movie in both regular and 3-disc special editions. The 3-disc set contains a documentary on the making of the film, audio commentary by the director, and a cd soundtrack. But both versions have a feature that will be exciting for Quentin Tarantino fans- a conversation between original director Enzo Castellari and Tarantino about their films. The guys at Severin also sent along these excerpts from the conversation. Enjoy!

CASTELLARI    :     Ahh. And really, I’m anxious and waiting for that [his movie].

TARANTINO:     Well, no it’s funny because, it’s actually, this is a very… a very strange, slash aperpo, slash kismet time to even be doing this interview because I’m writing it, I’m right at the very, very end of it right now. I’ll probably, literally finish at least the first draft like in the next, like week or so. I was even writing on it this morning before I came down here.

And put the pen down to come down here so it’s like… so I’m right in the zone of finishing it up. So I’ll be finished up with the script shortly and hopefully we’ll just go into production right away.

CASTELLARI    :     Great. Great. Great. This…

TARANTINO:     [OVERLAPPING] Well, it’s been a long time. I started writing it years ago. I started writing it about six years ago and I wrote a whole bunch of stuff on it but it was just too… it was too big, it was like a novel, I just couldn’t shut my brain off. And I realized I’d kinda… like, it’s two movies here, so eventually I had to split them up. And so the first one I’m [LAUGHS] doing now.

CASTELLARI    :     [LAUGHS] What about the casting? You know, it’s…

TARANTINO:     [OVERLAPPING] Right now it’s… I’m leaving it very open. I’ve had different people…
CASTELLARI    :     Oh, fantastic.
TARANTINO:     I’ve had different people on my mind for a few different roles. But a lesson what it is, I keep teaching myself and I’m tired of learning it. I think I’ve actually learned it now, I don’t need to mess around anymore, is for the most part, I can write for this person, I can write for that person, I’ve done that before and it always works out great and when it’s the right person then it’s great.
But basically, I wanna just let my characters be my characters, all right? When you start thinking too much about somebody then you start writing for them and you don’t let… and you don’t write stuff they can’t do, you know? And that way your character… and your character is, you know, they can never possibly be what they can become. Or you know, if you’re writing for Joe Shlomoka and all of a sudden Joe Shlomoka needs to be able to speak German, Spanish and Portuguese, well if Joe Shlomoka can’t do that, then all of a sudden that character can’t, you know, you’re not gonna go that way with the character.
But if the character has to be able to speak those three languages, well then you write it down and now you have to find somebody to be that guy and that guy is the character. The character doesn’t get fucked up by limitations of a person. And so that way, I’m like, you know what? I’m throwing all the actors out of my head [LAUGHS] and I’m just letting these guys be who they are and help these women be who they are.

Also, dig the trailer, which has a little bit of that interview included in it (and does a great job of showing how fun the film is!)