Nintendo today unveiled “Wii MotionPlus”, a new accessory that will attach to the bottom of the Wii remote and finally allow true 1:1 response. What’s that mean? You know how finicky some Wii games are, not registering every move and motion you make? If this works as intended that’s the end of that.

Of course, most people’s question after hearing this news is- why wasn’t this the way the Wii remote worked in the first place? It’s what we were promised.

No idea on price just yet, but we’ll have more solid details about it tomorrow during Nintendo’s (very early) press conference.

Here’s an idea, Nintendo. Give this to your customers for free, much the same way you did with the Wii condoms. It’s what people expected out of the box, and it’d be a great sign of good faith. And then get on Lucasarts’ ass to finally make a Star Wars game that lets you chop up Tusken Raiders.