Last year at Comic Con JJ Abrams brought Cloverfield… and revealed nothing. Not even the title. It was a huge anti-climax, and felt almost passive-aggressive from where I was sitting. So when he says that he’s sad that he won’t be bringing Star Trek to Con this year, it’s hard for me to take him seriously. talked to Abrams at the Television Critics Association press tour today and got him to a little about Trek, and he told the site that his movie wasn’t going to be kitsch. “Our Star Trek is not parody,” he said.
“And so the idea of maintaining character relationships, the dynamic
between the characters, [was key]. I never saw how Kirk and Spock
became so connected. And that’s what this movie does. And it does it
with the entire family of the

Abrams claims that the reason he won’t show anything at Con is that the effects just aren’t done – despite the fact that what fans really want to see is how the new cast fits into the roles of the crew, something I assume wouldn’t take a space battle to show. He blames Paramount for the whole thing, but I can’t help wonder if Paramount’s decision to not bring jack to Con was because of Abrams and his infamous secrecy. I mean, why haven’t we seen a picture of the crew in costume yet? That seems like the sort of thing we should have seen popping up in USA Today or Entertainment Weekly by now, but Abrams plays all this stuff quite close to the vest.

I’m disappointed that you’re not bringing Star Trek as well, JJ, and I think most of the fans are too. We’d really like to see something from your film – not something that spoils or ruins, but something that whets our appetites. Fans like to get excited… so get us excited.