It’s a little known fact, but Ricky Gervais is actually a funny guy. On Friday I saw his stand up show at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood and I swear that I came very close to hyperventilating during his bit about Humpty Dumpty. A Humpty Dumpty bit! That just shouldn’t be funny to an adult in 2008, but he had tears streaming out of my eyes (and the people in front of me leaving the theater during a Holocaust bit!).

Gervais has been making inroads into America, but this September is his big coming out party as he toplines Ghost Town, a comedy that sees him as an unpleasant dentist who has a near death experience and then begins seeing ghosts everywhere, including a very dapper-looking Greg Kinnear. Paramount has released a new trailer for the film and it looks quite pleasant – funny and sweet, and likely a good first starring role for American audiences.

You can watch the trailer at the film’s official site by clicking here. In the meantime, start getting excited about Gervais’ next film, This Side of the Truth, which recently finished filming. That movie is a classic in the making, if the amazing script is any indication.