1794709_610927439015977_1724083910855888182_nClive Barker’s Harry D’Amour from Lord of Illusions is returning to the page and that’s by far the least cool part of it. Harry’s coming back for a brilliant reason: To square off against Pinhead. The history of the Cenobites PLUS the great character played by Scott Bakula in Barker’s underrated 90’s flick? Sign my ass up. Here’s his press release:

AT LONG LAST… PINHEAD RETURNS. You’ve been waiting twenty years for this story… sign up on the Clive Barker mailing list at www.realclivebarker.com for updates! Harry D’Amour (the hard-boiled paranormal detective from the movie Lord of Illusions) going head to head with the Hellpriest known as Pinhead (in his first literary appearance since The Hellbound Heart). A roller coaster of terror that explains who the Cenobites are, where they came from… and how their world comes to an end. The long-awaited final chapter in the Hellraiser mythos… AVAILABLE MAY 19th 2015 FROM ST. MARTIN’S PRESS.

Holy crap. This went from a fever dream to a reason to stay alive in May in a heartbeat. More details as they come. Doug Bradley and Scott Bakula, start the cardio. We need a film of this, pronto.