The upcoming 3-disc collector’s edition DVD for Rob Zombie’s Halloween is an important release for the film because the four-and-a-half hour documentary may be Rob Zombie’s last chance to make a case for what seems to be one of the most hated horror films ever made.

Check out the full image at Fangoria

Of course, nothing says don’t bother like this cover art that Fangoria has gotten their hands on and can best be described as orange as fuck.

And ‘don’t bother’ is probably a fair warning when you consider that the disc offers the same exact bonus materials that were included on the 2-disc unrated DVD that was originally released. Even more disappointing is the exclusion of the superior theatrical cut of the film which omitted a few scenes that completely changed the film’s tone and the Michael Myers character.

Those that hated Rob Zombie’s Halloween, and there were quite a few, probably aren’t lining up to pick up the new set but spending four hours watching people pour themselves into a project could endear even the most critical person to just about any film. If you’ve seen the documentary included with The Devil’s Rejects, you know that the new Halloween doc could give people a new perspective on the film that might dispel some of that baggage everyone seemed to carry into the theater with them when the film opened.

The standard set will be release on October 7, 2008 for a $24.95 MSRP with a 2-disc Blu-ray set arriving on two weeks later on October 21.