What’s the safe word?

FoxSearchlight.com has just thrown up a red band trailer for the movie Choke, the second Chuck Palahniuk novel to find its way to the multiplex. Since Fight Club, the prolific Palahnuik’s other works have flirted with screen adaptation. But it took first time director and every-other-time actor Clark Gregg to bring the author back to theaters. The movie, which has a number of film festivals already under its raggedy garter belt, is hitting theaters (in a limited fashion) this September.

The red band trailer, which you can view by clicking here, doesn’t reveal much in terms of plot. It does, however, let viewers know that bare boobs will be on display throughout the film. And crude language! Strangely, some of the bumpin’ and grindin’ in the trailer gets blotted out by the words “Big Screen Only” – which marks the first time I’ve seen a red band trailer cover up some of what makes it a red band trailer. I guess it’s supposed to draw you into the theater with a wink-wink. But it just gave me frustrating Leisure Suit Larry flashbacks.

Can I get a witness, PC gamers from the 80s?

For those sort of behind on the assignment, Choke is about a sex addict (played by the amazing Sam Rockwell) who purposefully chokes on food in restaurants. Whenever someone rushes to his aid, he plays on the person’s sympathies and shakes him or her down for some cash. Kelly MacDonald, Anjelica Huston, and horror movie mainstay Bijou Phillips co-star.

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