There’s been practically nothing to speak of for Outlander for quite some time now, hence why we still have no ETA on a release date (although there are dates for Latvia, Lithuania and the Netherlands?), but we did get the next best thing today – the first decent trailer for the flick has finally hit the web, and I have to admit it looks pretty killer, at least as far as visuals go.

Speaking of things on the story front, it doesn’t seem like anything revolutionary, but fun, nevertheless. Throw in a little bit of Beowulf, a touch of Lord of the Rings (notice Rings producer Barrie Osborne is being used as a selling point on the poster), and a dash of The Road Warrior, or pick your favorite Leone/Eastwood Western and that’s pretty much what you have here.

Directed by Howard McCain, written by Dirk Blackman and McCain and starring Jim Caviezel, John Hurt, Sophia Myles and Hellboy himself Ron Perlman Outlander centers on Kainan (Caviezel), a man from a far-off planet, crash-landing on Earth, bringing with him an alien bad ass known as the Moorwen. Though both Kainan and the Moorwen creature are seeking vengeance for violence committed against them, Kainan leads a Nordic alliance to kill the Moorwen by fusing his advanced technology with the Viking’s Iron Age weaponry.

I love that this is a hybrid genre movie, something we don’t see nearly enough because the suits that greenlight films can’t think outside of the box and always fear we (the stupid audience in their minds) won’t get it. Regardless of how the final product turns out I have to give kudos to the filmmakers for at least trying to do something slightly off-kilter. Beats another damned remake, anyway.