The next two weeks will be nutty for CHUD. Alex and Russ will be
heading here to Los Angeles to cover E3, the massive gaming expo. The
next week Russ and I will head down to San Diego for Comic Con, the
massive nerd party. We’re not exactly all Web 2.0 around here, but all
three of us now have Twitter accounts, and we’ll be throwing you
updates and info through that service as a way of augmenting actual
site updates.

My Twitter is devincf, while Russ is russ_fischer and Alex is alexriviello. I’ll try to refrain from Twittering really gross pictures I take. Try.

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I’ve also recently joined Facebook. I’m keeping my MySpace for people I actually know, but if you’re on Facebook and want to friend me, search me there. I don’t know how to link right to my account. There’s also a CHUD Facebook group, and of course there’s the CHUD MySpace page as well.

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