Holy crap there’s a lot going down at Comic Con this year. I used to work there back in high school when they were still demoing Super NES games and the dealers’ hall took up only 3/4ths of the original exhibit floor. Anybody remember the year Image Comics debuted? Ah, 1994. Also, there were these cinnamon sugar almond vendors hawking their wares at every almost every aisle. Now every time I think of Rob Liefeld I get hungry for nuts… Er… Um…

ANYWAY… I was going to make an attempt at summarizing the just-released Thursday (July 24th) Con lineup, but really the only thing you need to know is that from 10:00-11:00am our own Devin Faraci will be taking part in the second annual Masters of the Web discussion. Some other guys who write about movies will be there too, but since this is the only site you read, they don’t even matter.

If getting a chance to heckle Devin in person isn’t enough reason to check it out, the discussion is being moderated by Crank directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor. I spent some time hanging out with them on the set of Crank 2 and they’re a lot of fun.

(Max Payne, Punisher: War Zone, Saw 5, Lost Boys: The Tribe, and The Day the Earth Stood Still are having their big presentations on Thursday as well. If you’re into that kind of thing.)

There’s just too much happening to even begin to summarize it in just one article. The entire lineup is available at the Comic-Con website. If you wanna go then get your tickets for Thursday and Sunday now, because Friday and Saturday are already sold out.