You got all excited about the trailer for Max Payne, the video game adaptation from the visionary behind the remake of The Omen, so how about some pictures from the movie? Slashfilm got these from the film’s official site First Showing, and they really showcase how much the film looks like the game.

And like Sin City. It’s not going to matter to the masses that Max Payne the game predates Sin City the movie (and that the two don’t compare: does Sin City have an eleven hour sequence where the hero walks on an invisible walkway over a black pit, following the sound of a crying baby?), everybody’s just going to say ‘Sin City rip-off.’ Which it actually is, since you’d never see a Max Payne movie that looks like this without Sin City having made a dollar or two. Cause and effect goes rogue in Hollywood.

Enjoy the pics, and marvel at Marky Mark’s fireworks guns.