Oh, how we can’t wait for Fallout 3. The upcoming game by Bethesda Softworks (creators of one of the best games of this generation, Oblivion) looks more and more incredible with each new screen and piece of info. Next week at E3 I’ll be getting a half hour alone with the game and spilling all the details, but we all know it’s going to destroy the world with its greatness.

So what better way to celebrate the release of the post-apocalyptic game than to host a post-apocalyptic film festival? Bethesda teamed up with American Cinematheque and GEEK Monthly to bring you 6 movies that define the genre and helped shape the Fallout games. You lucky bastards in Santa Monica will be able to attend the film festival at the Aero Theatre in two parts, on August 22nd and 23rd.

The first night starts at 7:00pm with Ralph Bakshi’s Wizards,  followed by giant cockroach movie Damnation Alley, and finishing with one of my personal faves, A Boy and His Dog, based on the Harlan Ellison novel and starring a young Don Johnson. It’s quite a trippy time, as you can see below…

The next day kicks off with the I Am Legend-based double feature of The Last Man on Earth and The Omega Man, and closes with Terry Gilliam’s masterpiece Twelve Monkeys.

Tickets are a measly 10 bucks a night, which will not only get you 3 films but a complimentary bag of popcorn, a large soda and a special Fallout 3 giveaway.

“We are very excited to sponsor this film festival with the American Cinematheque and GEEK Monthly magazine as this event brings together fans of film and video games like never before,” said Vlatko Andonov, president of Bethesda Softworks. “This is an exciting time for us and this film festival gives us a fun platform to give people further insight into Fallout 3.”

“Co-sponsoring this film festival just made perfect sense for us here at GEEK Monthly magazine,” said Michael Eisenberg, group publisher at Fusion Publishing. “The showing of post-apocalyptic films that have captivated movie goers’ imaginations over the last 40 years and showcasing the definitive post-apocalyptic video game will make for a truly enjoyable festival for fans of the genre.”

Tickets will go on sale July 25th on Fandango.com. I am so jealous of you Santa Monicans right now- I’d be right there in the theater if I lived closer.

For more info on the screening check out the American Cinematheque website, and keep an eye here next week for more news on Fallout 3!