A THIRD cast member from the original Predator is running for office. I wish I could tell you that it was Carl Weathers but the truth of the matter is that it’s actually Sonny Landham who’s preparing for a run at the United States Senate. If you read about this a few weeks ago when the news originally broke, then I don’t want to hear any shit from you on the boards. This is for the folks who don’t have every fucking movie site and showbiz rag on their RSS feed.

I’ve got a theory about Landham’s Predator co-stars: After Jesse “The Body” Ventura snagged the gubernatorial election in Minnesota back in 1999 it seemed like a kind of novelty to some people, but the whole Hollywood actor-turned politician thing wasn’t a new concept and Ventura was a retired Navy SEAL. You don’t say ‘no’ to those guys, especially when they can put you in a fatal headlock. Then the people of California put Arnold Schwarzenegger in charge of running their state, and even though they still made jokes it was obvious they preferred the Terminator to a guy who could’ve been a stunt double for Mr. Rogers.

When electing actors to office, it’s their public persona that really matters. This is why I’m fairly dubious about Landham’s chances at winning the seat for Kentucky. Besides Predator, 48 Hours, and some porn there’s really nothing on his resume worth noting (although he does claim credits as “Cop” in The Warriors and “Pool Worker #2” in Poltergeist).

And quite honestly, if your elected officials don’t give you the impression they can take on an extra-terrestrial killer with nothing but their bare hands and a hunting knife, then they don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning an election against the corpse of Sonny Bono.

This guy looks like he has trouble getting the lid off a jar of peanut butter:

If it was still the unstable Sonny Landham who needed a bodyguard on the Predator set to protect the other cast members from him that would be one thing, but this schmoe takes two aspirin with his hot chocolate before bed. And he looks like a TV salesman. I ask you Kentucky, is this the kind of actor you want representing your state?