I’m gearing up for Comic Con in two weeks*, and already I’m dreading the fruits in their cosplay outfits and elaborate weirdo get-ups (except you, Miss Rappe. You’ll be lovely). And now, thanks to a silhouette from a t-shirt posted on a blog dedicated to 3D movies, I’m dreading the Comic Con of 2010 even more, because I know this silhouette is the blueprint for a million furrie cosplay outfits.

It’s the silhouette of a Na’vi, the alien race from James Cameron’s Avatar, a movie that cost more than the American Revolution**. The silhouette comes from a crew t-shirt that Market Saw Dude got his hands on, and it appears to be… well, it looks a lot like Cheetarah. If Cameron spent 300+ million dollars on a Thundercats clone, I’ll shit myself in delight.

You can see the silhouette here, until some fucking lawyer misuses the legal system and claims infringement, which frankly no more applies in this case than if I went to a store and took a picture of a t-shirt there, and you can see the whole kebang in larger sizes at Market Saw.

Study this well, and begin work on your fursuit. Lord Cameron expects it to be extra fuzzy. And anatomically correct. He didn’t spend enough money to fix Social Security just so he would have a bunch of neutered cosplayers running around San Diego for the next decade.

*read: attempting to find a liver donor in advance

** I made that up. Let’s spread it like it’s true.