My friend on Facebook balked at the idea of watching a nearly three-minute trailer for a film without a release date. He doesn’t want to ruin the experience of seeing the movie for the first time by bombarding his brain with every key image the marketing department thinks will “sell” the movie. I happen to agree, but I’m also in the business of sharing these sorts of things on a struggling website that people seem to hate (why?). So that’s what I did. If you’re like my friend (or if you are my friend), do me a favor and “like” this article anyway. You’ll be in my heart.

As for the trailer: it has a lizard person fighting Channing Tatum’s dog-man. I wasn’t so hot on that idea when a lizard person fought Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man, but maybe that’s because neither of them were wearing rocket boots. God, this movie looks nuts. Mila Kunis wants to have sex with a dog-man while the fate of her planet hangs in the balance for fuck’s sake.

Here’s a thought: what if the bump from Summer 2014 to early 2015 was a major blessing in disguise? The only people who know about the bump (at this point) are nerds like me, so that shouldn’t affect attendance in a major way. Everyone else is going to see a brightly colored, strange looking space opera. Kind of like the other space opera that’s currently the biggest film in the US this year. The one with the tree people and the raccoon people. In an alternate Summer 2014, we might be talking about the twin failure of sci-fi at the box office. Instead, Guardians may have inadvertently primed the pump.

This is also going to come out post-Academy Award nomination for Eddie Redmayne, which, you know…couldn’t hurt.