We just were sent the final poster and trailer for Blindness, Fernando Meirelles’ adaptation of the Jose Saramago novel. They’re gearing up for the wide release of the film, coming in strong off being selected as the opening film of Cannes. Yes, they’re certainly proud of it and mentioning at every opportunity in the marketing…. even though the film’s received some mixed reviews so far.

When a sudden plague of blindness devastates a city, a small group of the afflicted band together to triumphantly overcome the horrific conditions of their imposed quarantine. BLINDNESS, starring Academy Award®-nominee Julianne Moore, Gael García Bernal, Mark Ruffalo, Sandra Oh and Danny Glover, is a psychological thriller about the fragility of mankind. Adapted from Nobel Laureate José Saramago’s masterwork, the film is directed by Academy Award®-nominee Fernando Meirelles (“City of God”) from a screenplay by Tony Award-winner Don McKellar (“The Drowsy Chaperone”).

The new trailer is much different than the teaser in that it takes you past the opening of the film. Now we’re shown what happens to Julianne Moore’s character as she follows her blind husband (Mark Ruffalo) into a internment camp of sorts, despite not being blind herself. Definitely not going to be a feel-good kind of movie.

Blindness hits the US on September 19th.