Man, sometimes I don’t get Rob Zombie; for someone who complains a lot about the internet community going way overboard on rumors and speculation he sure seems to be taking great pleasure in only dishing out a few bits and pieces here and there when it comes to Tyrannosaurus Rex

Rob, if you don’t want people hypothesizing about things or, worse yet, coming up with things that are complete and utter bullshit, just give us a brief logline on what the movie’s about. That should then put a stranglehold on any nonsense popping up elsewhere online in the future. Just a thought.

As you can see above, Rob has unleashed another piece of conceptual art (or possibly a prop or merchandise tie-in) for the film, this one rendered by the brilliantly demented David Hartman. As with the previous two works, it practically tells us nothing about the narrative. The possible wrestler/biker/boxer that may be known as T-Rex, the hot babe, and the dinosaurs are present, just as in the first piece Rob showed us, but still no idea on what this motherfucker’s about. I likey despite not knowing what the story is.

Meanwhile, Rob’s cutting a new album in the studio, so I’m guessing it will be a little while before we get any real dirt on this.