Not many people know the horrors of the environment as well as Jonathan Penner. Well on his way to winning a million dollars on the last season of Survivor (Fans vs Favorites), he was taken out of the game by an infection. Yes, little microbes took down the mighty Jonathan, perhaps my favorite player in Survivor history (aside from Amanda’s Tits). It’s like a metaphor for our own time on this Planet Earth.

Like everybody else on Survivor, Penner is actually a Hollywood-wannabe, and he’s now went and got hisself a movie deal. He and Stacy Title (his wife and partner in a couple of other film projects, including the Oscar nominated short Down on the Waterfront) pitched an ‘eco-horror’ movie to the good people at Participant, which makes this film – called The Colony - a little more interesting than, say, a Screen Gems picture of the same name. See, Participant makes good for you movies – Good Night, and Good Luck, Save Darfur, An Inconvenient Truth, Charlie Wilson’s War – so that means that there must be a little more there when it comes to The Colony.

Sadly we don’t know what that is yet. But I’ll be keeping my eye on Penner and his latest big moment in the sun. Let’s hope he brings antibiotics to the set.