I don’t regret moving out of New York all that often, but every now and again a story like this pains me: it’s being rumored that Steven Soderbergh’s Che will play at the New York Film Festival this fall, most likely in the long cut that premiered at Cannes to intriguingly mixed reviews.

The Spout Blog originated the story, which was picked up a bunch of places (I got it from Jeff Wells, and from a number of die hard scoopers – thanks, boys). Karina Longworth found the mention in an online edition of Film Comment, but that mention has been erased – it could have been a mistake or someone could have jumped the gun.

I’d bet that the film is playing the NYFF, which has historically been there for odd or difficult films in search of a distributor. And if I wasn’t going to New York for a wedding in November I’d consider flying out for the fest just to see this cut. If you’re going to be in New York at the end of September/beginning of October, keep an eye on the New York Film Festival site for the announcement of the line up and opening of ticket sales. Then email me and rub it in when you see the long cut that I may never see.

Sad face.