Friends has only been off of the air for four years, yet it seems like a much, much longer span of time. Five years, at least. Since the end of that show, the non-Matt LaBlanc cast members have been busy sowing their oats in non-sitcom ventures. Matthew Perry lent his talents to the potential-soaked-now-sunk Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, David Schwimmer befriended comedic mastermind Simon Pegg, and Jennifer Aniston cuddle-snuggled with crooner John Mayer. That’s not fair to Aniston. She’s had the most post-Friends success, honestly. And the most dating John Mayer success. Courtney Cox tried her hand at series television again by starring in Dirt, a short-lived tabloid drama that co-starred the great Ian Hart. (Ian Hart fans, unite!) Now that that show has been cancelled by FX, what’s a girl to do?

Solution: Bill Lawrence, the creator of Scrubs, has made like Bruce Springsteen and hoisted Ms. Cox-Arquette back onto the stage. You can’t start a fire without a Cox…. Hey, now I finally understand the band name Porno for Pyros! Entertainment Weekly‘s Michael Ausiello reports that Cox is set to star in a three-episode arc on Scrubs‘ eighth season. The ex-Misfits of Science actress will be temporarily playing the Chief of Medicine. I imagine she’ll butt heads, in various absurdist ways, with the staff of Sacred Heart hospital – including John C. McGinley’s Hugh Jackman-hating Dr. Cox. Cox vs. Cox, eh? Also a fairly apt description of MTV’s Real World/Road Rules Challenge. Reportedly, both John Cusack and Jennifer Garner had been approached for this coveted guest spot, by the way. Oh, what could have been….

It’s nice to see Scrubs returning to television. NBC certainly made being a fan of the show a frustrating experience. Hopefully, ABC will right each wrong and we’ll get a trouble-free and refreshed version of the show. As reported earlier this week (click here), Michael J. Fox is also putting in a guest appearance on the show this season. Fox and Cox worked together way back on Family Ties. If this pattern holds, Brian Bonsall is currently taking a meeting as I type this.

One can dream, can’t he?