I can say one thing for John Moore’s adaptation of the video game Max Payne, starring Mark Wahlberg: it looks a hell of a lot like the source material. In this teaser, slo-mo gunfire abounds, snow blows in through open windows and Max’s bullet-time dives prove to the game fans that this is meant to be the ‘real deal’. Granted, with those black angels helping out it also looks a lot like Constantine, but that’s alright. There’s a lot of well-realized style here, which might cover the fact that this is pretty much another angry cop on a rampage flick. 

(The shot at 1:07, however, which looks a bit like the game’s Ragna Rock nightclub sign, suggests that some of the overt Norse mythology influence present in the game might also be injected into the movie. That could be fun; anyone who’s read the script and can verify give us a shout.)

UPDATE: Indeed, the Norse and Asgardian influence is thick in the script, perhaps even more so than in the game. Hence the angels in the teaser — those are Valkyries, though I’m not going to read enough to find out whether they’re real or visions brought on by the drug that motivates the story. I’d rather just see it on the screen. Thanks to Radek for the script.