This has been a good summer season so far. We’ve been more than lucky in 2008 – a number of the summer blockbusters have been unabashedly good. Not just ‘good for summer movies’ but actually good. That trend continues this weekend with Hellboy II: The Golden Army and next with The Dark Knight… but what lies beyond? I’ve seen Step Brothers, and on first viewing it’s he third best of the three McKay/Ferrell efforts. The other movie that weekend is X-Files: I Want to Believe, which may be the biggest question mark of the summer.

What the hell is the movie about? A leaked book jacket tells us it’s about missing women, a supposed seer and secret medical experiments, but other than that the entire thing has been shockingly hush-hush. In an era where every single money shot of a movie like Wanted is spoiled in an online trailer, we’ve seen next to nothing of the new X-Files movie. Ironically, the very people who complain about too much being given away in movie marketing – people like you and me – are probably looking at this mysterious film askance: ‘Why are they afraid to show us anything?’ we’re asking. ‘What are they hiding?’

I don’t know. I hope nothing. I hope that Fox is letting Batman have the spotlight right now and they’re gearing up to open this movie – God knows that if they could open The Happening, they can open this. The thing is that I’m waiting for that one thing – a clip, a picture, a poster – that tells me I Want to Believe is a movie that will revitalize the X-Files franchise, that will bring Mulder and Scully back to theaters every couple of years for another adventure.

In the meantime I’ll have to settle for pictures like the ones that Fox gave to Rope of Silicon. There’s nothing that gets my pulse pounding here, but I want to believe that there’s more good stuff to come.

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