David Fincher’s track record with animation is, perhaps, not ideal. There was that adaptation of Rendezvous With Rama he worked on in various capacities for many years, but which proved to be ahead of its time. (And which might be mo-capped or live action, and might still happen. Might.) Now, based on Entertainment Weekly’s reporting, it seems like his new version of Heavy Metal (likely an in name only remake of a CHUD guilty pleasure, need I remind you) didn’t sit well with the important folks at Paramount. They passed, and the project is moving on.

Once again meant to be an anthology flick that captures the spirit of magazine Metal Hurlant, Fincher’s film is now being shopped to other studios, one of which hopefully won’t be put off by the ‘risque’ nature of the flick. Ooh, that means it might have more animated boobs and green pubes. Among those writing the ten stories to be animated (with eight probably ending up in the theatrical version according to current plan) are Steve Niles, Joe Haldeman and Neal Asher. EW says different directors (including Fincher) will handle each story.

All of which, or at least the Paramount passing part, is really fine with me. This certainly could be a fun idea, but Fincher has a lot more to offer than this. I’d still love to see that Rama adaptation, and infinitely more so than this. Work some boobs and blue pubes into that if need be, but get that (or one of his other dozen projects) going before this one, please.