A sequel to Hamlet? The play where everyone dies in the end?

Dana Marschz, failed actor and Tuscon high school drama teacher, has a device that will allow him to bring everyone back in his new play – a time machine. It’s just as bad as it sounds.

Thankfully, the movie is very, very funny. Starring Steve Coogan and co-written by Team America: World Police‘s Pam Brady, Hamlet 2 is a slightly absurd, almost always raunchy comedy that brings you Coogan in a wig and a wife beater singing songs as Sexy Jesus. And if you’re going to be at Comic Con this year, you’ll have a chance to see it for free.

CHUD has ten pairs of tickets to give away to a screening on Saturday, July 26th in San Diego. You have to get there on your own, so you have to either be in the San Diego area or planning on going down to Con. They’re going to overbook this sucker because they want to have a full house, so seats are not guaranteed even with a ticket – get there early! And it’s an R-rated movie, so you gots to be 17 or older.

And on top of that, one lucky winner will get a Hamlet 2 prize pack, which includes a t-shirt, bracelets and a Sexy Jesus doll. Finally, a Coogan you can cuddle with at night.

Got all that? Here’s how you get tickets: simply send an email to devin at chud.com with HAMLET 2 as the subject. Include your mailing address so I can get the tix into the mail for you ASAP. I’m going to pick the winners when I have 100 entries – that could be today or it could be next week, so don’t wait to get your entry in, mail it now!