Once again the powers that be are playing musical release dates with Amusement; it’s been an arduous road for this little film. Originally, Amusement was set to hit theaters in the spring, then it was shifted to September 12/08, then it was smacked with yet another switcheroo to September 5/08. Then, corporate giant Warner Bros. swallowed up New Line Cinema, causing all kinds of heads to roll. With Picturehouse falling under New Line, Amusement, of course, fell on the back burner.

Ever since Warners committed their massacre at New Line I’d been fearing Amusement was going to get the direct-to-dvd treatment.

Not so.

While it may not be on your Netflix list anytime soon, it also won’t be in the theaters anytime soon. Looks like the new brass handling the film have slotted Amusement into the Holiday 2008 slot. When the hell that is exactly I have no idea. It could be anytime between Thanksgiving or Christmas for all we know . The upside, however, is that it’s still slated for a theatrical release.

Another bit of good news (and it’s been bloody sparse when it comes to talking about this film) is the rating, as it stands now, is a solid hard R for horror violence, terror and disturbing images. That’s a huge relief. The longer it takes to release any horror film, I always have an innate fear it’ll suffer a hatchet job in the editing room to make it PG for some suit with fear in his eyes about the crossover to the mainstream.

Directed by John Simpson, written by Jake Wade Wall and starring Katheryn Winnick, Jessica Lucas and Laura Breckenridge, Amusement centers on three gals being stalked by a killer with a grudge that extends back to their childhoods. Sinister eighteen-wheeler and creepy clown included.

Mosey on over here and check out the teaser trailer.