If I had a dollar for every time I’d read about an ElfQuest movie being set up somewhere, I could walk over to Publix and buy one of those tasty sub sandwiches adorned with banana peppers. After tonight’s news of a new deal being set up at Warner Brothers, I could even spring for extra cheese. THR reports that Rawson Thurber — the writer/director/impresario behind Dodgeball — will perform the same span of duties on a movie based on the property. Animated? Live-action? Fisher-Price View-Master? Unknown.

Beyond the fact that ElfQuest is a 30-year old comic series by Wendy and Richard Pini about a war between Elves and Humans, I really know nothing about the series. It was going strong back in the days when I’d buy just about goddamned anything — I had Aircel comics! — but even then I thought the Pinis’ story was a free-fall leap off geekdom’s highest cliff. I just spent a few minutes perusing the impressive collection of back issue material on the series’ website, and that’s as much as I’ve ever read. Or need to, I think. Given all the properties backed by a large and rabid fanbase that are languishing in various studios, I have trouble believing that this niche cosplayer’s style guide is actually going to move forward quickly.