interstellar_ver2It’s impossible for this movie to be anything less than very good. I love reading in other online places populated by uneducated casual film fans. They’re complaining that the trailer doesn’t show anything. That they can’t tell what the movie’s about. That there’s no action.


The plain truth is this:

Matthew McConaughey has his pick of any scripts and projects in Hollywood and he chose this.

Ditto equally Jessica Chastain, another sign of constant quality.

Michael Caine is no slouch.

Legendary Canadian Bill Irwin as well.

And Christopher Nolan is a genius who saves his boasting for when the end credits roll. The wisest course of action is to be patient and let the film wash over you and be glad to have such an interesting mystery waiting for you on November 7th.

Here’s a new poster which showcases Matthew wearing intergalactic threads and looking cautiously at SOMETHING.

I hope he sees an alien. Or a moon fucking a planet. Or the Yellow King. Whatever it is I can’t wait.