While I may be a little late on the Ninja vs. Pirate bandwagon, I’d like to think the quality of my sweet zombie ninjas makes up for it. Plus, that sorta shit never goes out of style. Unlike Star Wars Kid or that freaky hamster.

I really never would have imagined I’d end up with three separate comics referencing The Fog, but that’s the glory of life, you just never know what shitty horror movie is hiding around the next corner.

Not much work on the archive I’m afraid; I was gallavanting around Montreal with my girl and my parents. It was rather different from when I went up there with my brothers. Regardless, you can still check out the old strips here.

Artist’s note: Wow is that guy’s neck long in the second panel! Clearly I was spending too much time watching old Plastic Man cartoons. Or perhaps E.T.