When I first told you guys about Brutal Massacre‘s DVD release I wasn’t even sure at the time if the pic had played in any theaters. Now I’m positive; looks like the folks over at Anchor Bay have taken a little bit of pity on us and decided to put it into three theaters.  If you live in New York, LA and Dallas (as is usually the case with limited releases) you’re in luck because Brutal Massacre will be playing at the following theaters on the following dates:

New York – Pioneer Theater

Tuesday July 8 @ 11pm

Wednesday July 9 @ 11 pm

Thursday July 10 @  11 pm

Wednesday July 16 @ 11 pm

Thursday July 17 @ 11 pm

Sunday July 20 @ 9 pm

Monday July 21 @ 9 pm

Tuesday July 22 @ 9 pm

Los Angeles – Laemmle’s Sunset 5

July 11 @ Midnight

July 12 @ Midnight

Dallas – Granada Theater; Part of Texas Frightmare Weekend 

July 20 @ 6 pm

Better hurry, though, if you live in the Big Apple because the first screening is getting underway in just over a couple of hours!