Starring in a blockbuster series of films as a child has its ups and downs. For instance, you can imagine that all of the kids who attend Hogwarts in the Harry Potter films have unlimited access to the genitals of their choice, as well as lots of drugs. For me endless pussy and coke would be enough and I would no longer have further ambitions, but others want more. Like real careers.

Dan Radcliffe has made his effort by showing his wan(d/g) in Equus, but Rupert Grint, who plays Ron, has tried to go a more conventional route with roles in small teen-oriented movies. A coupe of years ago he was in a film called Driving Lessons, which looks like a ‘charming’ coming of age story. Now he’s going to star in Cherrybomb, which sounds like a more hormonal coming of age story (a cumming of age story, amirite?).

Variety describes the movie as ‘a Belfast-set teen drama about two friends whose furious competition
for a beautiful but manipulative girl has tragic consequences.’
The girl in this case is Kimberly Nixon, the very cute girl starring in the upcoming terribly named Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging. The other friend is Robert Sheehan, a kid actor who I don’t know. Cherrybomb will mark the directorial debut of not one but two people – a broad and a dude, so expect the marketing for this one to talk about how unique it is to have both points of view in a romantic story.

Let’s take bets now, by the way – what are the ‘tragic consequences?’ I bet the boys end up accidentally killing someone.