If you squint at this site, you may notice how often I talk about horror and, specific┬áto this case, “found footage” horror. I like it and I’m fascinated by the polarizing effect it has on genre fans. My love for it is┬ásimple: I want to believe. These are updates on OLD stories, presented with a cinematic language that speaks to people as “the truth.” Unpolished, amateur stuff that anyone could capture. It’s the same thing as saying, “this story actually happened to my cousin’s friend who lives in another state.” I dig it.

And I dig this trailer too. The hook is novel enough: a bunch of friends make a documentary about the best “haunts” (i.e. Knott’s Scary Farm) across the country and come across something dangerous. That’s all I need to know! It won’t be Cannibal Holocaust, but I expect some good natured spookiness, which is about right for a movie about haunted attractions.

This opens in a limited theatrical release on October 3rd.