Fell deep in love, but now we ain’t speakin’/ Michael J. Fox was Alex P. Keaton.

Ahh…the dulcet tones of LFO. Has a better line ever been rap/sung about Michael J. Fox? I challenge you to find one. Yet, what a limiting lyric. Sure, Alex P. is Michael J.’s best known role, but he was also Marty McFly, Stuart Little, Doc Hollywood, and Teen Wolf. That’s a rogues gallery of iconic, easily rhymable characters. And it appears that Fox is looking to add more names to that list. The semi-retired actor is set to return to series television times two.

Entertainment Weekly‘s Michael Ausiello reports that Fox is eyeing a role on Denis Leary’s hit FX show Rescue Me. The producers of the show, which burned through a rocky season 4 last year, are busily mapping out a return to form. Part of that plan involves the hiring of the diminutive Fox, who kind of has the Midas touch/ when it comes to TV stuff (<—new lyric!). If the deal works out, Fox would play the love interest of one of Leary’s character’s many, many exes.

The Frighteners star may also put in appearance or two on the recently-relocated-to-ABC Scrubs, according to E! Online. Fox popped up as a doctor on that show a few seasons back. He was on the roof toilet episode, if memory serves. Fox is good buddies with Bill Lawrence, the creator of the sometimes great sitcom. The two worked side-by-side on the long running Spin City.

Spin City
. Family Ties. The Back to the Future series….
[Michael J. Fox] had a bunch of hits/ Chinese food makes me sick.