I know what you were thinking when you read about that amazing rescue of Ingrid Betancourt and 14 others from FARC* rebels in Colombia last week: ‘Holy shit, this would make such a good movie.’ Well, now it will be.

For those of you more up to date on The Dark Knight viral advertising than real world events, here’s what happened: Operation Jaque (which is Spanish for ‘Check,’ as in ‘Checkmate’ – these fuckers knew what they were doing was cool!) had members of Colombian military intelligence infiltrate FARC (a commie rebel group) months and months in advance, after taking acting lessons. Some were in local cells, some were in the main HQ, and they worked their way into positions where they would be guarding the hostages while others worked themselves into positions where they could order the hostages moved, which they did… right into a waiting military helicopter. There are still hundreds of people held hostage by FARC, but this, besides being a totally hardcore operation, was a major blow to the group.

As soon as the details of the rescue (which included three American hostages) emerged, Hollywood got hot for the property. Now the dust has settled and a most unlikely producer has the project: Vertigo Entertainment, the folks behind this summer’s hit The Strangers. They’re working with Colombian production company RCN to make a movie of the rescue, directed by Simon Brand, director of Colombia’s highest grossing movie, Paradise Travel. Vertigo was probably positioned well to get involved because they had worked with RCN in the past.

The film will focus on the rescue from three perspectives – the French, American and Colombian – and it’s expected that some French money will come on board in the weeks to come.

* Drew Curtis, you bastard.