fury road 8

George Miller’s return to the scorched world of the Mad Max-iverse is the film-thing I’m most excited about in 2015. Flat out. The man is a master filmmaker and action fans are lucky that he enjoys upending cars as much as he likes spending hours in the editing room building the perfect rhythm to a scene. We’re also lucky that he’s fighting the good fight, filming as much of his chase scenes as practically as he possibly can. That means no digital cameras to zoom through the handle of a coffee mug. Instead, we’ve got a bunch of lovely maniacs strapping themselves to rigs on the sides of moving vehicles, the way God intended.

Not all of the pictures are as stomach churning as the one at the top of this article (I’m no good with heights), but there are some cool little details on the tech side of things, like…are those digital display glasses connected to the cameras? Are the camera men able to monitor the footage that way? Incredible!

fury road 6These pictures came courtesy of Reddit, and they really remind me of the behind the scenes documentary from my widescreen VHS of The Road Warrior. You know, this one…

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