We are in the home stretch for the release of Hellboy II: The Golden Army, and to celebrate we’re doing a big prize giveaway, thanks to Universal Pictures and our friends at Dark Horse Comics.

Here’s what we have to give you. First up, the Dark Horse Comics prize packs. 4 winners will get:

A copy of Hellboy II: The Art of the Movie.
The anticipation is ratcheting up for one of this summer’s biggest action-adventure events, Hellboy II: The Golden Army,
and Dark Horse is taking you behind the scenes! As we delved into the
original box-office hit, this 224-page tome likewise presents the most
extensive look into the film’s evolution, from early concept art and
diary sketches to photos of the final props, sets, and filming. A
unique look at filmmaking and the art of graphic novels. Guillermo del
Toro and
Hellboy creator Mike Mignola once again bring their world-renowned talents to bear on a brand-new chapter in Hellboy’s history–a visual feast only they could produce. Get your sneak peek well before the celluloid hits the screen!

* Guillermo del Toro’s (
Hellboy, Pan’s Labyrinth) complete screenplay including a deleted scene–is featured in this book and is illustrated with the original storyboards.

* Interviews and commentary from creator Mike Mignola and filmmaker Guillermo del Toro!

A copy of Hellboy Vol 8: Darkness Calls. Hellboy has finally returned from his adventures at sea, but no sooner
has he settled on land than a conclave of witches drags him from his
respite and into the heart of Russian folklore, where he becomes the
quarry of the powerful and bloodthirsty witch Baba Yaga. Bent on
revenge for the eye she had lost to Hellboy, Baba Yaga has enlisted the
aid of a deathless warrior who will stop at nothing to destroy Hellboy.

Since his creation in 1993, Mike Mignola’s
Hellboy has
accumulated dozens of industry awards and become a favorite of fans and
critics alike. Now, Mignola turns over drawing duties to Duncan Fegredo
Enigma, Ultimate Adventures) for a new chapter in the life of the World’s Greatest Paranormal Investigator.

* Collects the entire six-issue miniseries, along with two new
epilogues–one drawn by Mignola, and one by Fegredo–and an extensive
sketchbook section from both artists!

We also have Hellboy t-shirts, hats, posters and BPRD belts to give away.

And one lucky winner will get one of each of these items – the books, a shirt, a hat, a poster and a belt.

It’s a veritable cornucopia of Hellboy II goodness.


- Send an email to devin at chud.com with the subject line HELLBOY II CONTEST.

- Include your name and mailing address. Winners will not be contacted before I mail these out, so I need your address right away.

- Tell me who your favorite non-Hellboy character in the Hellboy universe is. It can be someone from the comics or the movies.

It’s as simple as that. Winners are chosen randomly, you can only enter once per email address. Multiple entries from the same email address will be deleted.

Thanks again to Dark Horse Comics and Universal Pictures. Click the Dark Horse logo below to check out all of their incredible Hellboy comics and products.